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Simple Finance Planner Plus

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Meniti - Simple Finance Planner Plus is a personal money management tool that's powerful, intuitive and easy to use for everyone, everywhere. It's simple & colourful interface makes it easy & fun to be used everyday. This app has plenty of useful features that you wouldn't find in any other personal financial planning app. Don't take our words for it. Download it today and see for yourself. Features:1) Easily set up this app to suit your personal need within less than 3 minutes. 2) Allocate your income to 6 essential segments - necessities, savings, entertainment, investment, education & charity. This concept is similar to the time-tested & proven personal money management method called money jar or money envelope.3) Define your own spending categories under the 6 segments.4) Good looking charts to visualize your income, spending & balance.5) Analyze your spending - get to know your average spending per day for days that have passed, and how much you can spend per day for the remaining days of the month.6) Record your daily expenses easily. Or you can opt to include more details such as the payment method that you use (cash, credit card, debit card etc), rate your expenses, tag the location where you made the spending and tag the expense as tax-deductible.7) Create automatic & manual recurring expenses. For automatic recurring expense, the expense would be inserted automatically every month on the date that you set, and for manual recurring expenses you'll get notifications few days before the payment day to remind you to make the payment.8) Get outstanding credit card bills notifications for expenses that you tagged as using credit card.9) Create financial goals - set your goal, how much you plan to have and optionally when you plan to have it, and let this app guide you towards your goal. It will always automatically update your goal's progress based on your latest financial habit, and give recommendations when needed.10) Add unlimited number of income, and define how you'd like to allocate the income.11) Dashboard with charts to easily see your total income allocation, spending and balance for all segments.12) See how much you have spent & rate a particular location.13) Backup your data to cloud & restore for free.
You only need to purchase this app once. There're NO monthly fee and NO in-app purchases. All further enhancements and features will be added for FREE.
2 July 2016 - Important Announcement: This app would crash on Marshmallow if you decide NOT to grant the app the permission to access your location. We'd fix this issue in the next update. So for the time being, to avoid this problem, please give this app the permission to access your location.
Explanation regarding the requested permission:1) Read, modify or delete the contents of USB storage - needed to make Google Map under My Places work.2) Location - needed to get your location, if you choose to tag the location where you made the spending.
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